Cairns Great Barrier Reef

The Tusa Dive Crew

Our crew are on hand throughout the day to help make your day extra special. A typical day will have 10 -12 crew on board, so you can expect lots of friendly and professional service, whether you’re an experienced diver or first time snorkeller. The T6 team have all completed their ADVANCED REEF TEACH certification courses (endorsed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority), and are keen to share their love and knowledge of the reef with you.

Adam Montgomery

Adam Montgomery
  • Trip Director
  • December 2014
  • Meeting interesting customers
  • Plate Top
  • Beer
  • Boating, camping, fishing

The reef has been part of Adam’s life for over a decade now. Nowadays, besides for being on board, Adam loves spending time with his kids and wife at home.

Jason Ahern

Jason Ahern
  • Skipper
  • 2015
  • Going to the reef on a daily basis
  • Twin Peaks
  • Tuna and beer
  • windsurfing

I’ve been with the company for a few years and have enjoyed various roles. Now as full-time skipper, I enjoy most having people come and have a chat with me in the wheelhouse to keep me entertained, so come say hi!

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans
  • Trip Director, Instructor, Hostess
  • August 2010
  • The ocean is my office
  • 3 Sisters Milln Reef
  • Chilli and Beer
  • Karaoke

Started diving in Sydney, I fell in love with diving and the ocean immediately. I became a dive instructor and moved straight to Cairns to purse this wonderful lifestyle. Everyday working on the great barrier reef is a new adventure. I have met so many amazing and interesting people working onboard T6 and Spirit of Freedom. But what makes me smile the most is having the chance to hang out with the variety of marine animals –  large, majestic, colourful, tiny, camouflaged, cute and all the others in between.

Michelle Barry

Michelle Barry
  • Dive Instructor / Hostess / Sales / Relief Trip Director
  • 2010
  • My introductory divers expression after their first dive - Pure delight
  • Flynn - Tennis Courts
  • "Buffalo" Chicken Wings - USA Favorite
  • Underwater Photography

Michelle was first certified in San Diego, California in 2009, continuing through the PADI training program and became an Open Water Scuba Instructor right here in Cairns, Australia in February of 2010. Since then she has been working full time as a dive instructor certifying Open Water divers, introducing first time divers to the Great Barrier Reef, and guiding certified divers and snorkelers on T5 and now the brand new vessel T6! Currently, Michelle is also helping out with sales and marketing for Tusa Dive and Spirit of Freedom sharing her passion for diving with the world. In addition to diving, Michelle is learning to skipper boats and expand her knowledge of underwater photography and videography.

Vilimone Baleilevuka

Vilimone Baleilevuka
  • Dive Instructor
  • 2012 (second time around)
  • To share my dive experience
  • Any reef with my camera, but mostly Thetford Reef
  • Fish, Ice Cream, water & Kava
  • Photography

I’m a black but sweet Fijiian born Australian. I love photography and have recently won a few photo competitions.


  • Dive Instructor
  • November 2009
  • Intro Divers & Cert Divers - DIVING!
  • 3 Sisters - Milln Reef
  • Japanese SUSHI & Coke
  • Underwater Exploration

I moved to Australia from Japan about 10 years ago but ended up in Cairns and now call it home!

Niek Johan Christiaan Van Den Heuvel

Niek Johan Christiaan Van Den Heuvel
  • Dive Instructor
  • February 2017
  • Being outdoors everyday
  • Oasis at Milne Reef
  • Pizza & apple juice
  • Poker

Started diving 4 and half years ago in Thailand to escape the winter in Holland and never went back. I started traveling Australia on a working holiday visa.


  • Dive Instructor
  • December 2015
  • Seeing the smile of first time divers
  • 3 Sisters and Thetford Canyons
  • Bourbon & coke and ceviche
  • Paragliding

German dive instructor Matthias has been living and working on the Great Barrier Reef for almost 2 years now. He has explored numerous reefs out here and loves to share the passion.

Kris Spence

Kris Spence
  • Dive Instructor
  • 2012
  • Being underwater
  • Steve's bommie & 3 Sisters
  • Beer & Pizza
  • Surfing

Multi-talented Kris has been in the hospitality industry around the world his whole life and has found in Cairns a home to settle down.

Jo Longman

Jo Longman
  • Dive Instructor & Trip Director
  • April 2017
  • Sharks!! Swimming with these awesome creatures in their natural environment
  • Steve's Bommie, Ribbon Reefs
  • Spicy Thai food
  • Swimming & travelling

Started diving in 2012 in Thailand, moved to Cairns the following year. Been working on the reef almost three years now – still love calling the GBR my office!

Ryan Doherty

Ryan Doherty
  • Dive Instructor
  • September 2016
  • The Great Barrier Reef is my office
  • 3 Sisters on Milln
  • Steak and beer
  • playing guitar

Started diving with my open water course in Thailand last year and became an instructor 6 months later.

Yumi Macrae

Yumi Macrae
  • Hostie
  • 2005
  • Going out to the reef
  • Jorgeys Patch
  • Sukiyaki and peaches
  • Gardening, swimming and shopping

Yumi has been with Tusa for so many years and has done everything from Hostie to Trip Director. Mum to a beautiful little girl, she now works part-time with us.

Satomi Ishii

Satomi Ishii
  • Dive Instructor
  • September 2017
  • Guiding certified divers
  • Oasis on Milln reef
  • Sushi & XXXX gold
  • traveling

Let’s go diving!

Casimah Khalik

Casimah Khalik
  • Reservations
  • December 2014
  • Receiving thank you notes from clientele who ended up being friends and yes !! .. Diving of course !!
  • Three Sisters - Milln Reef , wait a minute so many !!
  • ohhhh definitely Malaysian authentic Laksa anything Malaysian will do .. Guess where I am originally from !!! / Virgin Mojito is my favourite poison If Crystal Roederer is not available .
  • When on land my tail and fins turn into Tango legs, and yes I can Salsa as well love my latin music as well as Classical music not a punk rock chic unless I am playing a role movies, dinner anything social is within my interest !

Minoru Maekawa - Michael

Minoru Maekawa - Michael
  • Bus driver
  • June 2014
  • meeting people
  • none - i get seasick!
  • Beer & Mcdonalds
  • Watching movies

At Tusa diving the reef is our passion, sharing it is our obsession.

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